Community Read: Prison By Any Other Name

In seeking to better understand the contemporary challenges of abolition and the new and ever evolving forms of harm state violence and community policing can take, we have chosen to promote a community wide reading of “Prison By Any Other Name”.

Our hope is encourage serious reflections about how state violence and harm functions in Champaign Urbana and explore real alternatives to police and policing that actually ensure the safety and well-being of everyone – especially Black and Brown communities. 

Prison By Any Other Name analyzes a number of so-called “reforms” often held up as alternatives to prison such as electronic monitoring and extended probation. The authors argue that, far from being humane alternatives, these reforms often expand police power and harm our communities. 

EVERYONE WELCOME & ENCOURAGED TO PARTICIPATE – no matter your age, background, education, or feelings about police

What is a community read?

A community read is a book club where everyone is invited! We’ll all read this book, then come together to discuss it, taking advantage of the diverse range of experiences and perspectives in our community to engage with the book on a deeper level than we could do as individuals.  

How do I participate?